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We always enjoy hearing from our customers and from folks who just like olive oil. We would love to hear about your experiences with olive oil or questions about us, our olives and our oil. If you have favorite recipes that use olive oil please let us know. We'll try them ourselves and pass your suggestions along to others. We like to help others find ways to enjoy the health and culinary benefits of olive oil.

Below you will find how to contact us.

Charlie at a super market demonstration in New Zealand We especially like in-person contacts. Several quality local supermarkets carry our olive oils (see the lists to the left and right). We appear at those markets periodically so customers can sample our olive oils and ask us questions. It is a great opportunity for you to compare our olive oil varieties to determine which one is your favorite. Very few stores offer samples of the oils they sell, making it difficult to select an oil without knowing how it will taste. We can help you evaluate olive oils and provide menu suggestions. If you shop at one of the stores that carry our oils and would like to taste them, contact us and we will tell you the next date we expect to be at that store with samples.

Emailis the best way to contact us. We check our email daily no matter where we are in the world. A letter sent to us using postal mail might not reach us for weeks or months if we are out of the country to which you originally mailed your letter.

We are a small family business and you can be sure Charlie or Gayle will respond.

We would love to hear from you.

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