The Far North New Zealand subtropical climate provides one of the finest environments in the world for growing olives. Our fertile soil, mild winters, warm summers, abundant rainfall, and many hours of sunshine a year combine to produce olives that are unsurpassed in quality.

Every detail of growing, harvesting, pressing, storing and bottling our small family estate’s gourmet olive oil has been contemplated to produce the highest quality, pleasing to the most discriminating palate. Our achievements have been confirmed by experts; most recently the Gold and Silver Medals awarded to our olive oil by the annual Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition--500 entries from 20 countries. Our three varieties have different features of aroma and natural flavor, all with low free fatty acid and low oxidation, further described below.


Gold Medal Winner
Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

3 Bottles of NZJ5 Olive oil Gold Medal Certificate Over 100 years ago a Far North nurseryman named Milton Johnson propagated five varieties of olives. His fifth variety, NZJ5, or sometimes just called J5, produces one of the most highly esteemed olive oils in the world. 

Fresh, green, fruity flavor with a slight peppery finish. Excellent as a salad dressing, for cooking vegetables or drizzling over them after cooking, mixing with pasta dishes, dipping crab, shrimp or bread and sautéing or pan frying fish or other meats at medium temperatures. Extra virgin olive oil with lower free fatty acid can be used at temperatures that are higher than oils which are not extra virgin. But even extra virgin oils have different levels of free fatty acid. Our NZJ5’s low free fatty acid can be used at its smoke point of about 180 degrees C (365 degrees F) . Frequently used as an ingredient when making salad dressings which may include balsamic vinegar, garlic, herbs or sometimes lemon—an exciting, distinctive and intriguing flavor.

Our first-ever entry into professional competition was the 2009 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition and our NZJ5 was a Silver Medal winner. That exciting result lead us to enter this large annual event again in 2010 where it won a Gold Medal. Each year this competition includes about 500 entries from 20 countries. We are delighted that our NZJ5 Olive Oil has been singled out as one of the most outstanding olive oils in the world.


Silver Medal Winner
Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

2 Bottles of Leccino Olive oil Silver Medal Certificate Tuscany (Toscana in Italian) is a region of northwest Italy, widely regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. It is the home of some of the most famous artists the world has known, including both Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Toscana is renowned for its wines, its culinary tradition, and as the birthplace of the Leccino olive. Today the welcoming climate of Far North New Zealand produces some of the finest Leccino olives anywhere.

Simplicity is central to the Tuscan cuisine. Leccino olive oil is a wonderful compliment to legumes, bread, cheese, vegetables, mushrooms and fresh fruit. The current vintage of our Leccino oil has a light flavor with a smooth buttery finish. After “dipping our toe” in a large international competition with our NZJ5 variety in 2009, we enthusiastically entered our Leccino in the 2010 Los Angeles competition. The judging confirmed its top quality, winning a Silver Medal in the first year. Our customers tell us it’s great and we are happy to hear it from professional judges as well. 


2 bottles of Koroneiki olive oil Korōnéiki is the world's most highly prized Greek olive. Each Korōnéiki tree produces hundreds of thickly ripening very small fruit that has exquisite aroma and yields an oil of exceptional quality. Our Korōnéiki produces a "boutique" oil that is in great demand by gourmets and the executive chefs of gourmet restaurants.

Korōnéiki olive oil has a medium, buttery flavor with hints of melon and fresh herbs and just a slight hint of pepper.

Available in limited supply.
We take great care to produce only the highest quality Korōnéiki olive oil. This superb oil is in great demand by the executive chefs in Far North New Zealand. It is typically available only in New Zealand but our recent harvest was one of the best in recent memory and we are delighted to be able to offer Korōnéiki olive oil in the United States this year.

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